I am a contemporary artist concerned with celebration and healing. I am deeply influenced by two key instructions for life, which are communicated to every Jewish child: “pursue justice” and “repair the world”. My work uses tradition to connect people and inspire activism. As a community builder and artist-in-residence I enjoy working in close collaboration with organizations, community members, students, and other artists. Most of the materials I use are locally resourced and renewable or re-purposed.

  • Portland Magazine, September/October 2016, Annual Art Edition, has recognized a group of 30 Maine sculptors, including Asherah Cinnamon. p. 70.

  • Selichot Dimensions of Spirituality: Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot University of Southern California, Hillel Art Gallery, Los Angeles, through December 2016

  • "Dwelling Place" Sixth annual solo interactive outdoor installation and Sukkah. Maine College of Art, Casco Street, Portland, Maine. October 9 to 30, 2016.

  • Jewish Women's Foundation of New York Fellowship recipient for Art Kibbutz New York residency and teaching, 2016

  • Fellow, Jewish Art Salon, 2016

  • University of New England Gallery, Annual Invitational Sculpture Garden exhibition Opening Reception Friday June 10, exhibit goes through October.

  • Muong Studio Vietnam, Advisor to ECO Art Vietnam Collaboration. 2015/16

  • 2015: Muong Studio, Vietnam Artists' Collaboration Residency: women in Vietnam and the USA.

  • "Sacrifice", invitational group exhibition, Jewish Museum of Art, London, England, 2015. See "Offering"

  • July/August 2015 Art Kibbutz New York, Governor's Island Schmita Artist Residency, Festival, and Exhibition.

  • May 28 through July 5, 2015 "Maine's Synagogues", group invitational exhibition, Maine Jewish Museum

  • Linda and Joel Abromson Fund Award 2015

  • Oregon Jewish Museum Sukkah PDX 2014 Exhibition, Portland, Oregon.

  • Jewish Enviro-Artists Have the Whole World in Their Hands by Simi Horwitz (published 9/21/14)

  • A link to an article in "The Oregonian", October 8, 2014

  • July/August 2014 : EMMA International Collaboration at Ness Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Work included in a group show of Jewish Environmental Art, July 27 - August 15, 2014 on Governor's Island, Colonel's Row Building 406A, New York, NY Art Kibbutz NY - International Jewish Artist Colony : The Jewish Waltz with Planet Earth

  • Jewish Museum Maine Jewish Museum, Portland, Maine, retrospective exhibition, includes pieces not shown before and new work: CELEBRATION, TRADITION, AND CHANGE, 2013

    Marc Epstein, award winning author and professor of religion and culture at Vassar College, has said of this show “Cinnamon accomplishes simultaneously in her current show at the Maine Jewish Museum what some artists dream of doing for lifetimes and never accomplish.. in creating her powerful, poetic, and moving pieces, Cinnamon is able to give back to the earth-melding the intensity of nature in all its wildness and unpredictability with the nurture of an ancient tradition, some six thousand years of story-telling.. She is a storyteller through ritual, and a ritualist through the telling of stories.” For expanded review, click here.

  • ShemaArt Kibbutz New York, International Artists Colony: THE JEWISH WALTZ WITH PLANET EARTH. Shemah: Listen. A collaborative installation based on the Hebrew letter Shin launched at Eden Village Lake in Putnam Valley, NY.

  • HEALING ARTS & CREATING SPACES FOR EMOTIONAL RENEWAL InterProfessional Education Collaborative at University of New England, Portland, Maine. October 2011.

  • VISUAL ARTIST IN RESIDENCE for the International Affairs Conference at Star Island, NH, July 2011.


  • Asherah Cinnamon and Scott Fuller receive OLYMPIC FIVE RINGS AWARD, International Olympic Landscape Sculpture Competition and Exhbitions, Beijing, Summer 2008.

    Beijing Olympic Sculpture“We were honored to meet and receive our award from survivors of the May12 Earthquake, whose determination and heroism were graphically acknowledged during the Ceremonies. I am also humbled and pleased to have had this opportunity to get to know wonderful and talented sculptors from all over the world. This competition is a model of peaceful international dialog in the true spirit of the Olympics.”

    — Asherah Cinnamon



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